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Succession planning, organizational culture, and change management all go hand in hand when you are trying to drive your company to the next level and plan for the future of your organization.

Succession Planning - as a business owner or CEO you face challenges on daily basis, never ending list of tasks, and deal with fires that seem to spring up out of nowhere. You may find you are prepared for some fires more than others. One such fire may only be smoldering now, but will become a raging fire if you do not address it early enough; your succession plan.

What steps or processes do you have in place to fill each vacancy that occurs in your organization? How strong is your bench strength? Do you have the right people in the right roles, right now?

If your executive vice president were to suddenly pass away, or your engineering manager's husband accepted a job offer out of state, would you have someone who could immediately step-up and stand-in to replace and take over for the vacant role? And, would you have someone to back fill their role, and so on?

Simply having people ready to fill in is only half of the story when it comes to succession planning. Succession planning is an on-going process that involves a great deal of preparation, consideration, collaboration, and strategic planning across the organization, as well as an investment of time, money and energy into finding and providing training and development programs to help your high potentials become effective and efficient leaders who will one day lead your company into the future.

Contact me today to learn more about my training programs, process and services to help you identify, develop and train your your future leaders, collaborate with current leaders, and prepare businesses owners to take a step back, trust, and feel confident knowing their company will be in good hands.

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