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According to the Cambridge Dictionary the definition of impact is to have a strong effect or influence

on a situation or person.

What does making an impact mean to you?

Inspiring Change?

Empowering Others?

Leaving a Legacy?

Seizing Opportunities?

Winning Others Over?

Making a Difference?

Creating a Positive Culture?

Taking Risks?

Making an impact, regardless of the definition, begins with awareness and intention.



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The future depends on what you do today.

- Mahatma Gandhi

What We Do

Improve. Enhance. Empower.

At ReVive Careers we provide career, leadership and executive coaching to individuals, teams and organizations to help manage the day-to-day, navigate change, and plan for the future. Coaching is a powerful tool most commonly used by professionals and businesses to improve communication, enhance work performance, and empower people and their organizations to be the best versions of themselves. In addition to coaching we offer pre-designed and customizable training, workshops, speaking engagements, succession planning and organization consulting. 


Executive, leadership development, team, and career planning & management.


Custom training programs can be tailored to fit your individual, team, group or organization's specific needs.


Small to midsize business consulting: succession planning, organization culture, and change management.


"Lainey earns my highest recommendation."

“Lainey is truly committed to your growth and success! I had the pleasure of hiring Lainey as a career development & management coach. She listened and understood what was important to me and my career goals. She's compassionate and efficient - bringing established tools and resources to maximize effectiveness. As a career coach, Lainey earns my highest recommendation."

Jeff B.

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"My job, is to help you thrive in yours. 

I am committed to your success!"


Lainey Lien, CPC, CCMC, CELDC, CDT

Elaine 'Lainey' Lien, CEO of ReVive Careers

Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Certified Career Management Coach

Certified DISC Assessment Trainer 

Public Speaker & Author

Elaine (Lainey) Lien, is a multi-certified career services professional. Lainey specializes in executive career coaching and DISC assessment training. As a career coach, she enjoys helping professionals establish and maneuver their career in directions that support their goals and interests.  

In addition, she helps companies with transition, organization, and succession planning. Focusing on small to mid-sized companies, Lainey works with executive management to identify potential leaders and help to leverage their strengths and understand their limitations.

One of Lainey’s strengths is her utilization of DISC as a tool to increase awareness to ones strengths, motivators, personal brand, and leadership capabilities. Lainey delivers DISC trainings to individuals, groups and organizations to help reduce conflict and miscommunication and to increase working relationships and interactions with others.

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