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Job Search Strategies

"Attention senior-level managers and executive job seekers! You are not your job title, your resume alone won't land you a job, and job boards should primarily be used for research purposes." 

Are you a successful executive who has never had to look for a job before because career opportunities always seem to find you, but not this time? Have you recently found yourself on the other end of a company re-organization, layoff or let go because it wasn't a "good fit"? You are not alone!

Searching for an executive-level job is much different and more competitive than for the average job seeker. According to recent studies, there are fewer corner office positions available, so executives should expect their job search to take 6 to 12 months.


Learn the strategies today's savvy executive job-seekers need to know to successfully navigate the hidden job market. avoid common mistakes, target ideal companies, maneuver LinkedIn like a ninja, network with purpose and interview with more confidence, leverage your brand to negotiate a better salary, and find and land jobs faster.

This is a great day to start discovering and landing new opportunities! To learn more, schedule your complimentary strategy session today.

Personal Branding

"Your unique personal brand is the magic ingredient that helps differentiate you from the competition."

In today's noisy business world the competition for executive-level jobs is brutal, and job security is nearly a thing of the past. In order to be successful when opportunities present themselves or the unexpected happens, you must be able to clearly communicate the unique value you bring to employers and how you differ from your competitors and colleagues, 

Benefits of Having a Strong Personal BRAND

  • Attract the attention from the right people - opening doors to more opportunities.

  • Boost your level of recognition and stand out from the competition.

  • Strategically plan and achieve brand directed goals.

  • Stronger brands command higher compensation.

  • Authentically covey value, trust, and confidence.

  • The ability to be more focused and selective.

  • Manage your reputation.

This is a great day to start investing in YOU! To learn more, schedule your complimentary strategy session today! 

Career Management & Leadership Development Coaching

"Coaching is a collaborative partnership designed to improve the quality of one's personal and professional life."

Go from career chaos to career clarity!

Are you a senior-level manager or executive who is struggling with career dissatisfaction or uncertainty. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Do I make things work where I am, or look for a new job?

  • Is a career change, transition, or a complete reinvention right for me?

  • I feel overworked and underappreciated.
  • Communication problems and conflict issues with co-workers and/or boss.
  • Poor job fit - bored, lack fulfillment or motivation, or over/under qualified. 
  • Over looked, again, for that promotion. 


Would you like to explore your options, set and achieve career directed goals, communicate more effectively across the board, build confidence, make better decisions, navigate the internal political landscape, develop a plan for advancement and strategically stand out to attract new opportunities, then CAREER COACHING may be right for you if you!

It can be lonely at the top!

LEADERSHIP COACHING is for leaders at every level -  emerging leaders, seasoned veterans, and even "born leaders". Senior level managers and executives hire me to help them strengthen their leadership impact, to be a sounding board, and add fresh perspective.

The benefits listed below may possible for you if you are willing to add a little elbow grease, keep an open-mind, be patient... and having a good sense of humor can't hurt either! 

  • Gain self-awareness.

  • Clearly see others strengths, weaknesses, and potential to build better relationships and stronger teams.

  • Learn to communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

  • Identify your leadership style - Unleash your true potential, leverage your strengths, and own your weaknesses. 

  • Improved decision making and time management.

  • Determine your career goals and verbalize your dreams to move your career forward,

  • Define and deliver your brand to stand out among your peers/competition to gain the traction you desire.

  • Work-life, harmony.

This is a great day to start investing in YOU! Schedule your complimentary strategy session today! 

Assessments & Training

I chose to offer and become a certified DISC behavioral assessment trainer and Reach personal brand strategist and survey analyst because I believe these two tools offer comprehensive information about a person based on the answers they provide, as well as, how the people who know them well generally perceive and experience them.

DISC is a powerful tool designed to help you discover more about your behavioral tendencies and preferences, improve communication effectiveness with others, and identify your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, and leadership style, as well as the type of workplace environment you prefer and thrive in.

A 360 feedback survey is  a wonderful tool for extracting authentic strengths, weaknesses and leadership tendencies as generally perceived and experienced by the people who know you well.

Individual and Team assessments and surveys are available for purchase, debriefing/coaching, as well as, Team/Group coaching, training and speaking.


Engaging, Entertaining, and Empowering - LEARN-LAUGH-THRIVE!


For a good me for your next workshop, luncheon, group event, conference, or convention. I am available to speak on topics such as:

  • Personal Branding - Promote Yourself for greater visibility, advancement, and marketability. 

  • Career Discovery - What Do I Want To be When I Grow Up?  

  • Job Search Strategies - Navigate the Hidden Job Market.

  • Network Like a Rock Star - Networking for Job Seekers - DO's & Don'ts, Tips & Trends.

  • Leadership Development & Empowerment

  • DISC Assessment Facilitation & Training

Recent speaking engagements: Corporate communication building, executive and sales group DISC assessment training, elevator speech creation and delivery, and co-presented a collaborative signature presentation at the National Resume Writer's Association's annual conference on "Translating Personal Branding Into Marketing Magic".


 CALL 303-668-6760 or email to schedule your next event.  Programs may be tailored to your specific event and needs.

Additional Services

We have your career and job search needs covered. See our list of additional services below.


  • Professionally Written Resumes and Cover Letters - provided by our award-winning resume writer.

  • LinkedIn Profile Refresh or Rewrite - provided by our LinkedIn experts.

  • Interview Preparation & Coaching

  • Salary Negotiation Coaching 

  • 360 Feedback Survey and Various Career Assessments

  • Maintenance & Motivation bi-weekly coaching package